When Eyes Question - Interview

When Eyes Question - Interview

Nelida Nemec, Rudi Skočir

Rudi Skočir entered the Slovenian art world as an artist wanting to follow his own path, convinced that true treasure lies but within himself, in his powerful zeal to paint and draw beauty, balance, and harmony seen all around by his subtle eye. It lies in his visions which gradually and clearly acquire the form of an original artistic language, marked by the artist’s wish to depict human figure, although human figure has been depicted, created and seen so many times before, throughout the history of art. · Over more than two decades Skočir has created a rich opus of paintings, graphic prints, drawings and illustrations which prove him to be an original, searching and deeply reflective artist with a great sense of drawing and colour. Moreover, he continuously develops and enriches his style with a great deal of affection. Having exhibited his works in Ljubljana in the summer 1998 (Jožef Štefan Gallery, the Knight’s Hall at Križanke), the painter presented his works also in the Town Gallery of Nova Gorica in October and November, while his thirtieth illustrated book with ten full page colour illustrations was published in December.

The first part of the interview was published in Primorska Srečanja Magazine

(Year XXIII (1999), no. 213, pg. 40-54)

The second part of the interview was made in December 2012, at the end of the series of solo presentations in Slovenia and across the border, which were organised on the occasion of the author’s sixtieth birthday.